PHOTOS - Spain
November 2007
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Day Ten - Fly Home

Day Nine - Madrid & Toledo

The Puerta del Sol

The Plaza Mayor

Casa de la Panaderia (formerly housed the Baker's Guild)

Built by Philip III

These cloistered nuns will sell you sweets with a ring of the bell

The Palacio Real

The Royal Palace of Spain

Open to the public when the king is not at home

And apparently under construction

Day Nine in Madrid & Toledo

Day Eight - Madrid & Valley of the Fallen (El Escorial)

The Victory Arch

The drive out to the Valley of the Fallen

Closer to El Escorial and the Valley of the Fallen

We continue up the hill

Real Monasterio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial

Built by Philip II

It is a monastery with a small palace inside

Philip II wanted a home for himself

And a palace for God

And Jacki was there

The Valley of the Fallen

The burial place of forty thousand victims of Spain's civil war

Commissioned by Franco and consecrated as a church

The Pieta over the door

Franco is buried here

The view of Madrid from the Valley of the Fallen

The Cross at the Valley of the Fallen

And Kaila was there too

Day Eight - Madrid

Day Seven - Madrid

The Atocha train station in Madrid

The Prado Musuem in Madrid

Francisco Goya

Sunset in Madrid

The Gran Colon Hotel


The dressing room

The seating area in the room

The sleeping part of the room

Day Seven - Madrid

Day Six - Seville (Shopping & Alcazar)

The Plaza Nueva in Seville

Yummy Sweets

The Alcazar in Sevilla

Bottle Tree filled with water just in case

The royal residence is under restoration(big surprise)

The crest of Cristobal Colon (Columbus)

King Ferdinand overthrew the Moors

He took the Alcazar as his new Palace

The dome

The Royal Succession of Spain in portraits

The Mudejar stayed to rebuild the Alcazar

Paying their due rather than leaving Spain

Mudejar were Muslims working for Christians

The Courtyard

Homage to the Sevilla orange crop

Tapestries in the Alcazar

Gardens of the Alcazar

More Garden

The wall above the garden

Reflecting Pools

Jacki is the Ansel Adams of Moorish gardens

Ask us to show you the painting of this wall we bought from a local artist

Day Six - Seville

Day Five - Jerez de la Frontera

On the train to Jerez

Watching Spain go by

Beautiful Train Station

Andulusian Equestrian Art Center

Traditional wardrobe

Bodega Sandeman

The bottom is the solera and the other rows are the criadera

Each year the wine moves down a row

Only one third of the solera is bottled annually

Tasting with tapas ends the tour

The hat is the sherry of Spain and the cape is the Port of Portugal

Jacki has a new friend

Awfully narrow for 50 MPH

Day Five - Jerez de la Frontera
Day Four - Seville

The Hotel Giralda in Seville

The hotel entrance

There is no elevator

Cozy Room

The Cathedral

The Giralda Tower

The largest and highest Cathedral in Spain

The largest gothic building in the world

Horno de San Buenaventura

Just about anything you could want to eat

Carving the Jamon Iberico

There is plenty more where that came from

And they even have dessert

A visit to the Cathedral

Apparently all of Spain is under construction

Or so it seems

This place is amazing

The Altar

Trying to get the full scope

The Choir Loft

The back of the choir loft

Where most regular services are held

One fourth of the pipe organ

The tomb of Christopher Columbus

The Cathedral garden

The Giralda Tower from the garden

The Plaza in front of the Cathedral

The Palace of Archbishop on the Plaza

The walk back to our hotel

The Tower at night

The Cathedral at night

The Plaza at night

Serving the finest tapas since 1934

Day Four - Seville

Day Three - Barcelona

The Temple of the Sagrada Familia (Holy Family)

Jesus keeps an eye on construction

Started in 1882

125 years and still under construction

The doors were designed to look like books

Detail on the doors

Gaudi was the architect until his death in 1941

Beautiful stained glass all over the building

Expected to be completed by 2030

Parts on the ground waiting to go up

Again, Jesus supervises construction

Mosaic is classic Gaudi style

Gold inlay on the ceiling

Kaila stops to rest

Jacki thinks the whole thing is fascinating

Kaila just thinks it's really gaudy (Gaudi)

Quite a difference between the older and newer construction

One of Gaudi's original models restored (see the little man at the bottom? Note the scale of this project)

Model workshop

Gaudi's studio on the grounds

Palau Guell (more of Gaudi's work in downtown Barcelona)

This lampost was Gaudi's first public work (quite a difference!)

Sweets since 1947

Churros con chocolate

Don't bother me I'm eating

Day Three - Barcelona

Day Two - Barcelona

El Corte Ingles Department Store

Fresh Fish at the Supermarket in the basement.

Cheese, Pleese!

I think I'll have Chicken.

Journey Down La Rambla

Kaila Thinks We Need A Bunny!

Yes, We took our own picture. It's pretty good too!

The Famous La Boqueria Market

The fish is fresh.

The most popular shellfish in the place.

The Most Amazing Produce!

Juan has been here every day for over 50 years.

One ham in front of another.

Taller de Tapas (Tapas Workshop)

Tapas at Taller de Tapas!

Liquid Gold (Olive Oil)

Kaila spends Jacki's 401K on Olive Oil.

Day One - Barcelona
We departed 3 hours late due aircraft problems and arrived three hours late at about 10:30pm. There is a story we'll tell when we get home!

Entrance of Hotel Amister, Barcelona

Another view of entrance

Lounge at Hotel Amister

View of Art Exhibit in inner core of Hotel

Our room at Hotel Amister

The room at Amister

Bedroom at Hotel Amister

Bedroom and office (see laptop and TV)

A lighter view

View from our window

View from our window

Placa de Catalunya

Placa de Catalunya (Reversed)

Please just let me shop!

START TRIP to Spain - November 2007

AIR - WEDNESDAY - November 7
Air France Flight: 67
Leaving: Los Angeles, CA - Los Angeles Intl 9:15 PM
Arriving: Paris - Charles De Gaulle Intl 5:00 PM 08NOV
Seat: 47A, 47B
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER

AIR - THURSDAY - November 8
Air France Flight: 2048
Leaving: Paris - Charles De Gaulle Intl 5:55 PM
Arriving: Barcelona - Barcelona 7:35 PM


Hotel November 8-11
Hotel Sercotel Ámister
ADDRESS: Avenida Roma, 93-95
CITY: Barcelona
TELEPHONE: +34-933633468
FAX: +34-933631865

Barcelona - Sevilla, Sunday, November 11, 2007
JK6606 (operated by Spanair S.A.)
Sunday, November 11, 2007 11:05, Barcelona, Spain (Barcelona, Terminal B)
Sunday, November 11, 2007 12:30, Sevilla, Spain (Seville)

Hotel November 11-14
Hotel YH Giralda
ADDRESS: Abades, 30
CITY: Sevilla
TELEPHONE: +34-954228324
FAX: +34-954227019

Train #9619 9am to Madrid

Hotel Ayre Gran Hotel Colón
ADDRESS: Pez Volador 1-11
CITY: Madrid
TELEPHONE: +34-91-4009900
FAX: +34-91-5730809

Flight - Returning

AIR - SATURDAY - November 17
Air France Flight: 2101
Leaving: Madrid - Barajas 7:15 AM
Arriving: Paris - Charles De Gaulle Intl9:20 AM

AIR - SATURDAY - November 17
Air France Flight: 62
Leaving: Paris - Charles De Gaulle Intl 10:15 AM
Arriving: Los Angeles, CA - Los Angeles Intl 12:50 PM
Seat: 41A, 41B
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200

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