We are Christians. We do not mean that we are "not" anything else; rather, we are followers of
Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior.
We believe that the Bible is the complete and inspired word of God and that Jesus Christ is our risen savior.
We are not perfect, but we know we are "saved".
Jesus Christ said "I am the way the truth and the life ..." (John 14:6).
We believe that and would love to just share God's truth with you.

It costs you nothing for it is a gift of God.

We did not always believe this way. We "believed" lots of things and found that we were wrong in our beliefs. We lived "just like everyone else". But God had other plans for us, and He met us in special ways that left no doubt as to who He is and who we are "to become" with His guidance and existance in our very beings.

The major question is "If you died tonight, would you go to heaven?"

Most say, "I hope so!" or "I think so!", just as we did. But, ARE YOU SURE?

We weren't sure, not until a friend who cared about us, yes, a christian friend who was willing to risk, shared the knowledge of Jesus Christ's gift with us. That gift is that we are sinners, rebellious against God's ways, and that He, Jesus, died on the cross so that we might have salvation and eternal life through His sacrifice. All we have to do is confess that we are sinners, ask Jesus to come into our hearts and become Lord and Savior of our lives.

That's it! There is no more! It is not your denomination that counts! It is not where you attend church that counts. The Lord Jesus is only interested that your "destination" is to be with Him.

E-mail us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Gib & Diane Brown
E-mail: browngib@cableone.net

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