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Introduction When our daughter gave us a copy of Europe Thru The Back Door several years ago, we read it and then put it on the shelf. Two years later, in preparing for an European vacation, we broke it out and read it again. We wrote to E.T.B.D. and bought an updated copy along with a copy of Rick Steves' "2 to 22 Days in Germany, Austria and Switzerland". We found out about Rick's Public Broadcasting Video Travel Series and watched the complete series of videos. Additionally, we attended a live seminar by Rick Steves at the "Book Passage Bookstore" in Corte Madera, California. (www.bookpassage.com)

In summary, we subscribe to the E.T.B.D. philosophy of travel. After utilizing the E.T.B.D. information, we are further convinced that it is the most valid way to "maximize travel thrills per mile, minute, and dollar! ... Rick Steves". However, as Rick suggests (in summarizing the idea of his itinerary) "Take advantage of it, but don't let it rule you."

Great credit is merited by Rick Steves and his staff, but we have some ideas developed along the way for your consideration. And we do remember that this advice is worth exactly what you pay for it ... absolutely nothing. We heartily recommend that you utilize the "written" materials E.T.B.D. has to offer as well as the "travel aids" like the bags, clotheslines, clocks, etc. They are worth their weight (light) in money.

We have made two significant trips thru Europe using these philosophies ... 3 weeks in Central Europe (Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria) and then 7 weeks in Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. Our children (in their 40's) now travel for us.

For more information about Europe Thru the Back Door contact them at the following addresses:

Europe Thru the Back Door
120 Fourth Avenue North
P.O. Box 2009
Edmonds, WA 98020-2009 USA
Phone: 206.771.8303
Fax: 206.771.0833
e-mail: ricksteves@aol.com
Internet: http://www.ricksteves.com/

As seniors, we decided to gather other information to amplify the E.T.B.D. wealth and summarize it here so that others might enjoy what we have enjoyed and are still enjoying. We hope that you find this site useful, including some links to other sites that we like or find helpful.

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