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I did not plan to provide this service. As a 40 year old, I just didn't realize the needs and some of the inconveniences, problems of aging, incapcitation or being alone. When an acquaintance kept asking me to take her to essential tasks, I just concluded that there was a need for someone like me to provide help. In the current business climate where jobs are difficult to find, I reasoned that I can both be of help and support myself assisting others.

So, here I am offering my services if you need and want some assistance. My background is in child care, early childhood education, special needs care and, of course, my Mother taught me to clean, cook and care for a home.

If you think I might me able to help you, please give me a call and together we can figure out if I can be of assistance to you.

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God Bless,


"Assistance With A Heart"

Phone Days: (650) 921-5062
Phone Evenings: (650) 793-1527 After 9pm

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