(Shelties - Shetland Sheepdogs)

(Photos show most recent down through earliest.)

My favorite chair to rest.

I can be alert or not!

I still chew ... a lot!

Wanna play?

Robbie is now 4 years old.

Sandi was run over and died instantly
Friday, April 26, 2013 - Age 7 years 6 months.
Loving, Loyal, Intelligent, and Loved as a family member.

Diane with the two Shelties. Robie is now 14 pounds up from 12.2.

The two together in front of our Twin Falls home. Robbie was neutered on Thursday Sep 15 and here on Saturday
he is just fine and active.

I'd better act masculine because I get neutered next week!

Ok, I go for the neck.

She threw me off.

That didn't work ... so nose to nose.

Let's try high!

Hey Big Sis, wanna play?

Hm, think I'll try going under.

I am posing nicely. My name is Rob Roy (Robbie).

I look a little like a Fox!

Sandi out in front of our Twin Falls home.

Mom, can't I open just one?

Mom, did you wrap all of these?

Dad, did Mom give you all of these?

Kerrri is fun. She plays with me.

Kerri spent Christmas with me. I am glad.

Oh! Oh! I smell something. Mom's cooking!

The sun feels really good.

It's a really cold day here at 6,500 feet!

Sandi at 3 years old sitting - an infrequent occurance!

Here I come! Full speed.

I love the Snow! I play in it! I eat it!

Sandi, at 2 years old, posing in front of house

Sandi, at 2 years old, checking out the cat across the Cul-de-Sac

2 year old Sandi tasting the air!

It's June at the Cabin and I am resting on the deck watching the wildlife and the river!
OK, I am also taking the sun! 20 months old!

It's May! Ha! Ha!

I really know how to beg.

When I play retrieve .. I go here under the yews to pant!

My favorite spot to rest!

We just got back from the mountains. I ran!

Merry Christmas Everyone, Sandi!

Rudolph the Red Nosed Sheltie

Watch this tennis ball!

I had it torn apart in 10 minutes!

Shake that Frisby!

I'm gonna kill it!

Playing with my Christmas Toys!

Don't I pose sweetly?

I love Dad but Mom has some treats on her lap!

Here I am being coy!

Oh! Oh! Mom's got popcorn. I love popcorn.

Sandi at 14 months waiting for Christmas

Daddy says I am beautiful! What say you?

OK! I am waiting.

If I sit on command I get a treat!

My favorite spot to rest!

Mommy is going to throw the rope
so I can chase it!

Boy! I know how to relax!

This is how I beg at 9 months!

Let me rest!

Still resting! Go away.

I pose really well!

Love that yard to run in!

I look awesome so says my humans ... I think they love me!

The markings on my right are plainer.

I have slightly different markings on my left.

I am learning to sit, stand and come to my humans on command.

I am in obedience training now!

8 months old and just had a bath.

Digging? Of course not, I had an operation yesterday!

29 weeks Old: I got all the stuffing out!

I chewed up the sqweeker - killed that noise!

I'm pooped. Think I'll just take a rest.

Here's the ball rope ... wanna play?

Love this bark area!

My favorite is playing outside!

I'm not jumping for that! I have room to run.

Tug of War with my rope is great too!

I like playing retrieve!

He throws it & I bring it back.

Second trip to cabin - I love getting my ears scratched!

6 months old and I'm all alone here. Let me in to chew the wires on the computers!

6 months old and I want that remote control!

I can hold out for it.

24 Weeks Old - First trip to cabin - chased rabbits, birds, and voles - Caught none!

I just got groomed, but my tail won't work!

23 weeks old and 28.5 pounds.

They gave me this bandana. It tasted good!

I am gonna get my tail if he will let go!

20 Weeks Old - Left and 10 Weeks Old - Right

18 weeks! I am GROWING!

I like to run outside.

I love to dig outside!

18 weeks! Last week in Puppy training!

Whee! I graduated - see my cap.
I hate it.

15 weeks! Cold day walk and I am 21.8 lbs!

15 Weeks! No snow, but I could pull a sled!

4 weeks later I am 19 pounds!

Whodat barkin in the other room?

Nurse attendant holding for Doctor.

Oh Oh, I am getting shots again!

OK, I am ready where is he?

Look at my new winter coat!

It reflects and has lights too!

I think I'll play with the new ball!

Hey! It squeeks real good!

OK, so I am home & clean!

Gee, I smell really good!

Yes All, there is a Santa Claus. See what he brought. (11 weeks)

Once in awhile she will just sit.

A favorite is licking!

Loves to chew on buttons!

I am gonna attack something!

If I pose, I get a snack!

Getting ready for a nap.

They think I am sleeping! (10 weeks)

1st Trip Outside - 9 weeks.

1st Afternoon at Home - 9 weeks

Who is that doggie in the mirror?

Sandi at 8 weeks.

Sandi's Mother "Chocolate"

Sandi's Father "Donny" (and her brother).

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