Welcome to the
'Virtual Tour of Ireland & United Kingdom'.

PLEASE take a few moments to read the instructions below, you will enhance your enjoyment of the tour if you have familiarized yourself with the controls.


This virtual tour is best viewed with your monitor resolution set at 1,680 x 1,050, if your display is set at a different setting (if for example your display is set at a different resolution the image may overfill the image display frame, and could show a large black border around the image) you may not be viewing this tour in the way we intended. At the very least your browser must be able to view frames.

I would welcome any constructive comments you may care to make about this tour. If you encounter any problems please email me with the page address and the problem you were having.

When you start the tour your screen will divide into 4 frames:

1. A large 'Pictures' frame holding a photograph (You may right click on the photo then select "view image" to see the full sized photo). All my photos were taken with a Sony Digital Mavica MVC-FD7 camera. Other pictures were extracted from official documents, publications or tour information pamphlets.

2. A small 'Route' frame holding the Route Navigation buttons so that by clicking on them (ONCE) with your left mouse button you will:

Move Forward ...... Move Back

Turn Left ...... Turn Right ......

Note: If the direction button is gray then it is inoperative and that option is not available.

To help you, this tour has been split into routes. Each route of the tour has a color.
The background color in the route frame (frame 2 - Lower Right Corner) will show which colored section of the tour you are currently in, and will change color when you enter a different section.

NOTE: See below for skipping around the tour.

3. A scrollable 'Text' frame, containing notes or historical backgrounds.

4. A narrow scrollable 'Stuff' frame (below the 'View' frame) will allow you to quickly move to the other sections of the Tour. Here you can also enter and send me e-mail.

5. To SKIP around on the tour there is an index of places covered in our Virtual Tour that you may select. In the top right frame, scroll down to the bottom and you will generally find a link labeled INDEX that will allow you to display a listing of the more outstanding sights, places, features, bed and breakfasts and pubs/restaurants. Remember, this was our tour and they are our recommendations!

PLEASE NOTE: All the frames are re-sizable, just click on the edge of any frame and drag it to the size that is best suited to your monitor.
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